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Packaging Supplies and Services Inc.

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Question & Answer

Q: What are your printing capabilities?
A: Printing can range from 1 color Black Text up to a 6 colour process print with pictures and text that looks like a high-end business card. Printed bags is another way for our customers to advertise their products and high end print helps them differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Q: I am not sure the size of a bag that I will need for my product, can you help me?
A. Yes. Bag sizes are determined by the bulk density of the specific product you are bagging and by the amount of product you want to put in the bag, With these two pieces of information, we can select the right bag size for you.

Q: What types of equipment do you sell?
A. We sell equipment that helps our customers weight their product, fill bags with that product, sew or heat seal their bag closed, convey the filled bags, palletize the bags and machine wrap the completed pallets.
We also sell equipment such as case erectors/sealers, bottle handling machines & case tray formers, etc..
Rite-Way will find the equipment solution to suit your needs.